Session 8 (April)

Welcome! Now that we’ve spent the last seven months learning about ePortfolios and implementing them into our individual classrooms, it is time to discuss our next steps and what our plans should be moving forward. During this time, we will come up with a plan for working together this summer and next school year to further implement the ePortfolios. We will also determine the needs that we have so that when we meet with administration we can request them.

Objective: Teachers will discuss and organize time and plans for what to accomplish over the summer and next school year and also determine the group’s needs for the ePortfolios to be a success.

Learning Activities: 

  • After watching How to escape education’s death valley we will discuss the importance of engaging students and how ePortfolios has and will continue to help with this.
  • The group will share feedback on what worked best and what needs improvement with the ePortfolio implementation.
  • We will set up goals and outline steps that we wish to take during the summer and throughout the following school year for the ePortfolios.
  • The group will organize a list of items and resources that we need from administration or their colleagues to be successful.

Today’s Session Deliverable: By the end of this session we will have mapped out a PD plan for what we hope to accomplish this summer and next school year. We will also have a list of resources and items that we need for the ePortfolios to be a success. This outline and list will be added to the shared folder on Google that we have been using throughout the year.

Take Away and Bring Back: By next session, if there are any additional items that you believe that we need, or any additional changes to the plan we came up with, please share this information so that it can be added to what we will be presenting to administration.

Resources Needed

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