Digital Leading and Learning

Ready to Lead

It seems fitting that during the final discussion post of our DLL careers we are reflecting back on these questions that have been in our minds throughout every class. After all, we learned early on that in order to be a good leader, among other things, we must reflect and adjust. As I was watching this weeks’ video, I realized that the questions Torres poses actually fit within the three questions we have been asked to consider throughout the program.

What worked for me? Well, collaboration was the number one thing that worked for me. One reason it worked so well is because I have been blessed with an amazing cohort of people who have both challenged and supported me. The other reason this was so successful is because you all have helped me anticipate the next change. That’s how I’ve looked for those changes: through collaboration. When we were creating our innovation plan we were continuously bouncing ideas off of one another through discussion posts and the faculty lounge. We asked each other to think about potential roadblocks and how we might adapt when they inevitably occur. Without our collaboration, I’m not sure I would have been able to anticipate change as well.

What could I do better? I could have had a more diverse network. I truly cherish the network I have gained within this class, but we are all pretty similar. Sure, we might have different job titles, but we all clearly have an interest in technology and DLL. I wish I had more open communication with others who have different perceptions than I do about these trends. I need to work on this and branch out to extend my network so that I can apply the opinions of those who think differently than I do.

What lessons have I learned? I have learned that I AM courageous enough to abandon the past. Before these courses I wasn’t. I liked to stick with what was comfortable and avoided major changes whenever possible. Change is tough. It’s scary. But now, it’s exciting. I have had many opportunities throughout this program to push myself beyond comfort, and because of these moments, I now have the confidence to not only embrace change but search for it.

Something I loved about the Torres video is when she said, “Great leaders dare to be different.” This is so true. A leader isn’t someone who does what she is told. She is the one who looks at a situation and determines what improvements can be made and how. She is confident about making these changes despite negative pushback. She is reflective and accepts mistakes not as negatives but as opportunities to learn. She looks at life as a series of exciting chances to improve herself, others, and the world. This is the type of leader I hope to be now that I am equipped with the confidence to do so, and this is the type of leader I hope to develop within my students.

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