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Digital Resource Reflection

As a way of reflecting on how technology has affected me both in and out of the classroom, I decided to create a Prezi. My life has been consistently changed by technology for as long as I can remember, but it has especially changed since I began my graduate courses with Lamar University. I have… Continue reading Digital Resource Reflection

Digital Leading and Learning · Digital Tools in the Classroom · ePortfolio · Technology Application

Learning ePortfolios- Aligning Outcomes, Assessments, and Activities

Creating a significant learning environment is no easy task, especially during a time in education that focuses less on significant learning and more on standardized test scores. In order to ensure that our learning environment is significant, we used Fink’s A Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning for the initial design phase of… Continue reading Learning ePortfolios- Aligning Outcomes, Assessments, and Activities

Technology Application

Engaging Learners with Technology

When I think about today’s youth I immediately think of social media. My high school students love social media and really enjoy using it to display their understanding. The difference in enthusiasm between asking a student to write a journal response from a character’s perspective vs. a set of tweets from that same character is immense. As… Continue reading Engaging Learners with Technology

Technology Application

TPACK- A Shift in Education

My interpretation of TPACK is that it is the obvious next (current) step in good teaching simply because of the changing job market and available technologies. When I was first applying for teaching jobs, I remember being reminded to use buzz words, specifically differentiation. This skill is still necessary as every student continues to learn… Continue reading TPACK- A Shift in Education