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My Digital Growth

It is unbelievable how much I have grown so far as an eportfolio user! When I look at my website now compared to where it was just a few weeks ago, I am shocked.While I have added several different pages, blogs, pictures, and widgets to my site, there are a few highlights that best reflect my work thus far.

Above you will find a menu of the different categories that I have explored so far. The first one, and my home page, is my About Me page. If you want to learn more about my professional and personal life, this is the place to go.

My Digital Leading and Learning page includes several posts about my connection with today’s education. One such post is my Learning Manifesto which includes my passions, thoughts on current issues with digital learning, and opinions on the pros and cons of education today. You will also find a video about my digital past, present, and future. Here you can see how I have grown during the digital age and where I hope to be in the future. Another highlight of this section is a detailed post about my involvement (while minimal) in learning communities. I have joined several and hope to learn from and contribute to them as I progress. There are other posts throughout this page that also relate to my digital leadership and how technology can be used in my own education and classroom.

The Technology Application page contains posts specifically about technology use in the classroom. I hope to add different examples of how I have used certain resources to help teach my own courses such as my use of the digital tool Socrative. This specific post provides a lesson plan and links to assignments and sample student responses.

The next page, Eportfolios, includes posts about why someone might use an eportfolio, who owns it, and why it is important to review others when creating your own. Throughout this process so far I have learned a tremendous amount about what an eportfolio is and how it can enhance my professional career and personal life. I look forward to continuing to learn about this tool so I can assist my colleagues and students with creating their own!

The My Interests page highlights my personal interests. Currently I have only posted about the Owen J. Roberts Mini-THON, for which I am an advisor, but I plan to add more interest-related posts. The purpose of this section is to help my students and other teachers (or really whoever might visit my page!) learn more about me and connect on a personal level.

The final menu item is a resource list. At the moment, this includes links to websites for my students. We use most of these throughout the school year, and, just like my other pages, I hope to continue to add resources for my eportfolio audience.

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