Session 4 (December)

Welcome back! Last month was a pivotal one as you were asked to begin incorporating your own ePortfolios into your classrooms. Today, we will troubleshoot and discuss how that process went individually, with department partners, and as a group.

Objective: Teachers will learn how to troubleshoot when it comes to implementing the ePortfolios.

Learning Activity: 

  • Together we will watch Do schools kill creativity? and discuss how we already promote creativity in our classrooms and in what areas we need to improve this. We will also talk about how ePortfolios can help us individualize in those areas.
  • In small groups, each teacher will present feedback from the past month’s implementation.
  • With the same small groups of teachers with mixed disciplines, teachers will identify adjustments that were made and suggested changes for the future.
  • Teachers will return with their department partner and update the Google doc based on their small group discussions.

Today’s Session Deliverable: 

After today’s session you should have a better understanding on how to utilize your own ePortfolios for your classrooms. The shared Google doc should be updated with how each teacher has or will address previous concerns.

Take Away and Bring Back: After today’s session you should have some new ideas on how to improve the use of your own ePortfolios. For next month’s meeting, continue utilizing them and documenting any successes or issues in the Google doc. Also begin thinking about how you would like your students to use theirs. What could they blog about? What would you like them to include for your classroom?

Resources Needed

  • Laptops
  • Internet access

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