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Digital Resource Reflection

As a way of reflecting on how technology has affected me both in and out of the classroom, I decided to create a Prezi. My life has been consistently changed by technology for as long as I can remember, but it has especially changed since I began my graduate courses with Lamar University. I have… Continue reading Digital Resource Reflection

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Professional Learning Outline

For our professional learning outline, Ryan, Erin, and I weren’t focused on using effective professional learning to implement learning ePortfolios. In this outline, we describe how we will use the PL principles to introduce and integrate our ePortfolio initiative.  We decided to use a BHAG and 3 column table for planning all sessions. We also use abbreviations to identify… Continue reading Professional Learning Outline

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Professional Learning

( Over the past couple weeks, I have learned about everything that needs to change in professional learning. I am lucky because our administration provides us with the freedom to present to the faculty in any way we wish, but this isn’t just about me and how I choose to run my own PL. We… Continue reading Professional Learning

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Two (or more) heads are better than one

When I was in college, my least favorite courses were those from 6:00-9:00 on Thursdays. It was 3 hours (never a minute shorter) of torture as I sat there and listened to a professor lecture. All teachers at this point now know that active learning is necessary. It was very interesting to learn, however, that… Continue reading Two (or more) heads are better than one

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It’s all about making connections

Everything about these videos and ideas hits home for me. I love telling and hearing stories. This is such an effective technique for sharing ideas because it personalizes the topic and appeals to the heart. As an English teacher, I actually teach this with writing. I ask students to begin their essays with something that… Continue reading It’s all about making connections