Session 3 (November)

Welcome to the first big step in creating learning ePortfolios for ourselves and our students! Today, we are going to explore the research on ePortfolios and then begin to brainstorm ways we can use them in our classrooms. Because this is such a new idea, there aren’t many examples by discipline for us to explore. We are literally the pioneers in this exciting endeavor! We believe that after reading the general research on the use of ePortfolios, we can create effective uses for them in each one of our disciplinary areas.

Today’s Objective: Teachers will collaborate with one another to learn how to implement the learning ePortfolio into their discipline as well as specific classroom lessons in an authentic way that promotes student learning.

Learning Activities:

  • Together we will watch Can Technology Change Education? Yes!. We will then discuss how technology has already changed education and how ePortfolios will add to that change.
  • Teachers will work with their department partner to research uses of ePortfolios in individual disciplines.
  • After research is complete, teachers will continue working together to brainstorm ways they could use the ePortfolio based on their curriculum.

Today’s Session Deliverable:Today, we ask  you to explore the sites we have listed below, and then branch out to explore more based on your findings. Then, we ask you to create a blog post of your own on your site which will highlight possible uses of the ePortfolio in your discipline. We ask that you come up with at least four possible uses in your general discipline. Focus on how the teachers can utilize the ePortfolio in their lessons. Don’t forget to post links, images, and videos, to help show our future teacher-learners how this will all work! Post the link to this blog in your Google doc.

Take Away and Bring Back:  Over the next month, you should practice implementation of your ePortfolio. You should try at least one or two of the ideas you brainstormed today. Keep track of any problems or concerns you encounter along the way on the Google doc. Track student’s involvement, engagement, and interest as well.



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