Session 9 (May)

Welcome, All! We have had an exciting year. This year, we have practiced a new kind of professional learning, and in this small group, we have learned some fascinating things. Our students have created content in each of our discipline areas, and they have used their ePortfolios to reflect on their learning and build on their growth mindset abilities. In each of our classes, we have had to troubleshoot and learn from our mistakes. Now, at this point in the year, many of us are excited to take this on to the next level. We have invited our administrators to our meeting today to see our progress, understand our needs, and hopefully provide support for our next steps moving forward.

Objective: Teachers will discuss and reflect on the year’s work and will seek approval for moving forward to full building implementation for the following year.

Learning Activity: 

  1. Meet as a whole team of teachers and administrators to see progress, address needs, and seek approval for next year’s full-building alternative professional learning model.

Today’s Session Deliverable: Approval from administration and scheduled FLEX, curriculum, and/or personal dates scheduled over the summer for professional learning development.

Take Away and Bring Back: This summer, continue adding content to your ePortfolio and adapting lessons and curriculum to mesh with learning ePortfolios for students.

Resources Needed

  • Laptops
  • Teacher exemplars
  • Student exemplars (with permission)

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