Session 5 (January)

Welcome to student ePortfolio set up day! Over the past few months, you’ve learned a lot about WordPress and your own ePortfolio. Now we’re going to shift focus from your personal ePortfolio, to student ePortfolios. Using a similar setup sheet that you used when you created your own ePortfolios, you are going to work with each other to come up with a blog post for students to create once they’ve created their ePortfolios.

Objective: Teachers will learn how to teach their students to use WordPress to create, design, organize, and customize ePortfolios and also create instructions for their students to write their first blog posts.

Learning Activities: 

  • Together we will watch A New Culture of Learning an discuss the use of play within our classrooms. This month we will be encouraging you to give you students time to play around with their newly developing ePortfolios.
  • Department partners will review and edit the step by step instructions that students will need to follow to create WordPress ePortfolio websites.
  • They will then collaborate on the first blog post assignment, what it will entail, and how it will be assessed. Teachers will use model blog post instructions to help teachers determine what they would like to include in their own.

Today’s Session Deliverable: By the end of this session, you will have a plan in place for how and when your students will create their ePortfolios as well as an assignment for their first blog post. Please add these plans to the Google doc.

Take Away and Bring Back: Throughout the course of the next month, students should create their ePortfolios and their first blog posts. Also, students should be encouraged to customize and  add additional content to their ePortfolios, similarly to what you did when you created your own ePortfolio.

Resources Needed

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