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Life lessons through our innovation plan

I am really happy with everything we have done so far with our innovation plan. It’s hard to believe we have accomplished so much in a little over a year. We have the pitch that we will use for both administration and teachers. We have thought in depth about and created resources for defending our ideas. This was one of the most important and challenging parts for me because we needed to make sure we could support our ideas and appeal to the hearts of the teachers. We developed different options for presenting the information. I really like how Erin, Ryan, and I created 3 Schoology courses based on our 9 ePortfolio professional learning sessions. I think these courses could realistically be implemented in our school and be really beneficial. I am so amazed when I look back at my ePortfolio and see how much we have done!

Right now we have everything developed and are ready to present to our administration. Because so many changes are occurring in all of our personal whirlwinds, we haven’t been able to initiate things yet. It is nice, however, to know that we are ready to go once our lives slow down enough for us to get our feet in the door!

This learning process throughout working on our innovation project has been incredible and challenging. I was forced out of my comfort zone and, because of that, I have found a new ability in myself to learn and persevere.

Something that worked really well throughout the whole process was working with Ryan and Erin. Our ability to collaborate and create impressive end products was surprising to me. I knew we worked well together daily with making one another better teachers and people, but I never thought we would hold one another to such high expectations and make each other better students. I owe my success in this program to them and am so happy to have gone through it with them and everyone else in our cohort!

I have learned so much throughout this process but what I really take away is the need to be realistic and take my time. Trying to push ideas on people (including myself) just causes pushback because it is too overwhelming. I have actually used this lesson in my new journey as a mother! I can’t expect to live each day taking care of the girls, doing laundry, cleaning dishes, reviewing curriculum, and completing grad work. I have to be realistic and prioritize. By doing that, I don’t cause unnecessary shutdowns. Like all good courses, these lessons I have learned go beyond innovation projects and apply to my everyday life.

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