Session 7 (March)

During the past 2 sessions you have had the opportunity to work on two activities for students to complete using their ePortfolios: a blog post and some other application. This week will be dedicated to sharing the strengths and weaknesses of these activities and collaborating on how to troubleshoot current and potential issues.

Objective: Teachers will develop their troubleshooting skills when it comes to issues regarding ePortfolios in their content area.

Learning Activity: 

  • Together, we will watch Sal Khan: Let’s teach for mastery- not test scores and discuss how standardized tests have impacted our classrooms. We will then talk about the importance of instead focusing on mastery before moving lessons or students forward and how ePortfolios could impact mastery.
  • After teachers are divided into three groups, each teacher will share his or her activities, and the group will discuss potential improvements or adjustments.
  • Teachers will return to their department partners to share what was discussed in small groups.
  • Department partners will identify new activities that they plan to initiate in the next month and briefly describe them in the Google doc.

Today’s Session Deliverable: By the end of the session, we will have discussed individual ePortfolio activities and how we can improve them. Each teacher should use this information to help them create new activities and document them in the Google doc.

Take Away and Bring Back: Teachers should continue to incorporate new activities that utilize teacher and student ePortfolios. These activities should be added to the Google doc so the group’s resources continue to grow. For next month, begin thinking about how we can help other teachers learn to use ePortfolios and integrate them into their classroom activities.

Resources Needed

  • Laptops
  • Internet access

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