EDLD 5318 Week 3

Week 3 has come and gone just as quickly as the others have, and I am even more excited about my course! This week was a great one for collaboration as I talked with many classmates about our courses on Schoology and what we can do to improve them. It was extremely helpful to see what others have done so far and to get direct feedback specifically on my course.

I made a couple slight changes this week on Schoology. One of the suggestions from our professor was to make sure the course was user-friendly. Schoology is a nice and simple platform, but I added some font adjustments to hopefully make things more appealing. This week I plan to add at least a welcome video and perhaps an introductory video to each session. I’m a little uncomfortable with doing this right now since I am currently 6 months pregnant, but I guess I can always consider it practice and re-record them later! I have already started scripting the videos, but need to work to clarify how to add them correctly on Schoology. Thanks to some classmates’ advice, this shouldn’t be too difficult!

The other addition I made this week was an assignment rubric. I looked back on our Lamar assignment rubrics and also thought about what it is I want teachers who take this course to master. I was impressed with how simple it was to create and add a rubric within Schoology.

I am looking forward to week 4 and taking on the video challenge. This whole process has made me much more confident with my ability to create and run an online course. I don’t know why, but I expected the setup and creation to be much more difficult. Like many things, having a thought out plan and spending time thinking about the details makes lesson planning, whether traditional or online, a much simpler experience.


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