EDLD 5318 Week 2

Week 2 of EDLD 5318 was another busy one as I learned how to use Schoology and added as much of my course as I could at this point. So far I have a course introduction page, a page describing discussion and assignment expectations, and a page with my email address.  I also added all 5 of my sessions including the learning outcomes, materials (with proper APA citations), discussions, and assignments for each. The discussions and assignments will be clear indicators of whether or not teachers are achieving the learning outcomes set in place. I am impressed with how simple it is to add information to Schoology, but I wish there was a way for me to view what things look like for students.

As far as the outline for the course is concerned, I had already pretty much done this. I did make a few adjustments, but the outline table below is almost identical to the one from last week. I also decided that each session will be 2 weeks long. The initial discussion posts will be due the first Sunday and then responses and assignments will be due the following Sunday night. Erin, Ryan, and I talked some more to make sure each course seamlessly blends into the next. Things seem to be going fairly smoothly at this point!

I’m excited to continue developing this course in the next week to make sure it is effectively set up so that teachers will feel confident with their introduction to ePortfolios, but they won’t feel overwhelmed with the course work considering this will be going on while they are busy with their daily grinds as teachers. I know how important it is that these goals, discussions, and assignments are feasible if we hope to have long-term implementation of learning ePortfolios.

Course Outline

Learning Goals Learning Activities and Discussions Assessment Activities
Session 1

Teachers will learn about the “why” behind learning ePortfolios.

Teachers will watch Ken Robinson’s video the promotional video and will review the ePortfolio literature review.

Discussion: Based on what you learned from watching the videos and reviewing the literature review, how do you believe learning ePortfolios will impact your classroom?

Assignment: Submit a “Why Statement” regarding the relevance of learning ePortfolios in your specific discipline.


Session 2

Each teacher will reflect on his or her personal learning philosophy and make connections between it and the implementation of learning ePortfolios.

Review the following videos and then participate in the discussion:

Discussion: After viewing the videos, express how you believe technology is changing education. How has/will this specifically impact your classroom?

Assignment: Develop and share your learning philosophy or learning manifesto. Identify what you are passionate about; how that passion connects with your content area, technology, and ePortfolios; and how you plan to address current educational issues by making changes within your own classroom.
Session 3

Teachers will learn how to create ePortfolios and practice basic functions.

Watch this video about 21st century skills.

Discussion: How can ePortfolios help us equip our students with the skills they will need in the future?

Assignment: Create and expand on your WordPress ePortfolio and include the following:

  • Page theme and overarching message
  • An “About Me” page
  • Learning Manifesto from the previous week
Session 4

Teachers will continue developing and personalizing their ePortfolios.

Discussion: Post a link to your ePortfolio. Review one another’s and provide feedback regarding the appearance, functionality, and content.


Assignment: Continue developing your ePortfolio. Make adjustments based on peer feedback and add menu items and categories for, at minimum, each course you teach.
Session 5

Teachers will identify how to implement ePortfolios in their classrooms.

Watch this video about how technology is changing education.

Discussion: How will ePortfolios add to the changes in education? Brainstorm ways they can benefit the different disciplines and specifically your curriculum.

Assignment: Create a plan for how the ePortfolio can be used within your classroom. This should be specific to curriculum and audience. This plan will be formatted as a blog post in your ePortfolio and should include connections and links to all discussion posts and assignments from this course.

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