EDLD 5318 Week 1

This week Ryan, Erin, and I split our year-long professional learning sessions into 3 different sections. These sections are now going to be separate, 10-week online courses; I will be creating sessions 1-3, Erin will be creating 4-6, and Ryan will be creating 7-9. We have also added subsections to 6 of these so that each online course has 5, 2-week sessions. It will look something like this:

Session 1- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 1a- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 2- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 2a- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 3- Kelly 2 weeks
Session 4- Erin 2 weeks
Session 4a- Erin 2 weeks
Session 5- Erin 2 weeks
Session 5a- Erin 2 weeks
Session 6- Erin 2 weeks
Session 7- Ryan 2 weeks
Session 7a- Ryan 2 weeks
Session 8- Ryan 2 weeks
Session 8a- Ryan 2 weeks
Session 9- Ryan 2 weeks

Once we determined this, I adapted the original information for sessions 1-3 to fit an online course. The following is what I have created so far for my portion:


Below is the modified introduction to the Introduction to ePortoflios course. I have adjusted this so it reflects our new online classroom environment and the added discussions and assignments we plan to implement.

Welcome, educational pioneers!

You are here because you have decided that you want to try something new, improve your own teaching and learning, and improve the quality of learning for our students. Over the past year and a half, we have been working in a digital leading and learning program. Our main focus has been researching the use and implementation of learning ePortfolios in the secondary classroom.

This is a different kind of professional learning program that you were introduced to last year. Instead of a “one and done” system which doesn’t really work, we will be practicing the “go and show” model described in the Prezi you viewed with your department.

In this model, during each session you will be contributing to a group discussion and completing an assignment that reflects a clear, achievable goal. I will be there for modeling and support during each session, where we will foster collaboration among all of us. I will also be available anytime if you are in any need of assistance with the discussions or deliverables. Throughout these discussions and deliverables in this first course, you will be learning about why learning ePortfolios are a necessary addition to our classrooms, how to create them, and how to incorporate them into your own classroom environment.

Thank you for volunteering your time towards this innovative alternative professional learning model. You will NOT be disappointed.

Overarching Course Goal

Teachers will create learning ePortfolios and apply them to their individual classrooms while collaborating with their colleagues while understanding that the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of classroom instruction, student engagement, and authentic student learning.

Desired Results

By the end of this course, lead teachers will have a clear understanding of what learning ePortfolios are and why they are effective additions to 21st century classrooms. They will also create their own and develop ways in which they can utilize ePortfolios within their own content areas.


My audience for this course is the lead teachers who have volunteered for this position. There will be 2 selected from each content area (12-15 total), and they will then return to their departments after completing the 3 learning ePortfolio courses to assist other department members in their first year of implementation.

Outline/3 Column Table

Learning Goals Learning Activities Assessment Activities
Session 1

Teachers will learn about the “why” behind learning ePortfolios.

Teachers will watch Ken Robinson’s video the promotional video and will review the ePortfolio literature review.


Discussion: Based on what you learned from watching the videos and reviewing the literature review, how do you believe learning ePortfolios will impact your classroom?

Assignment: Teachers will each submit a “Why Statement” regarding the relevance of learning ePortfolios in their specific disciplines.



Session 1a

Each teacher will reflect on his or her personal learning philosophy and make connections between it and the implementation of learning ePortfolios.

Review the following videos and then participate in the discussion:

Discussion: After viewing the videos, express how you believe technology is changing education. How has/will this specifically impact your classroom?

Assignment: Develop and share your learning philosophy or learning manifesto. Identify what you are passionate about; how that passion connects with your content area, technology, and ePortfolios; and how you plan to address current educational issues by making changes within your own classroom.
Session 2

Teachers will learn how to create ePortfolios and practice basic functions.

Watch this video about 21st century skills.
Discussion: How can ePortfolios help us equip our students with the skills they will need in the future?
Assignment: Teachers must each create and expand on their WordPress ePortfolios and include the following:

  • Page theme and overarching message
  • An “About Me” page
  • Learning Manifesto from the previous week
Session 2a

Teachers will continue developing and personalizing their ePortfolios.

Discussion: Post a link to your ePortfolio. Review one another’s and provide feedback regarding the appearance, functionality, and content. Assignment: Continue developing your ePortfolio. Make adjustments based on peer feedback and add menu items and categories for, at minimum, each course you teach.
Session 3

Teachers will identify how to implement ePortfolios in their classrooms.

Watch this video about how technology is changing education.


Discussion: How will ePortfolios add to the changes in education? Brainstorm ways they can benefit the different disciplines and specifically your curriculum.

Assignment: Each teacher will create a plan for how the ePortfolio can be used within his or her classroom. This should be specific to curriculum and audience. This plan will be formatted as a blog post in your ePortfolio and should include connections and links to all discussion posts and assignments from this course.


For this course, I will be using the following materials:

  • Laptops- these must have access to WordPress and all resources at school and home.
  • Videos- these will guide discussion questions and be supplemental for completing the assignments.
  • Blogs/articles- these will provide/be resources for understanding the purposes of learning ePortfolios. They will also help to fuel discussions.



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