Action Research Plan

Implementing and Researching ePortfolios


In our most recent graduate course, Ryan King, Erin Sanchez, and I have been working to narrow the focus of our ePortfolio action plan and have ultimately aligned it with our most current timeline for the implementation of ePortfolios at Owen J. Roberts High School. Instead of simply implementing learning ePortfolios within every course at the school, we will now be using the stages we have planned out to help us gather data to determine the impact the reflective learning process in ePortfolios has on student engagement in 12th grade college preparatory English classes. After we gather this information, other teachers in other courses will also complete similar research regarding engagement as it applies to their courses and the ePortfolios.

We began this process by creating an outline that helped us determine our focus and how we will collect the data to support it. We then added to and edited our previous literature reviews to create a new one that is centrally focused on our action plan. It provides readers with a compilation of previous research identifying the impact technology use has on engagement. After completing this literature review, we revisited our outline and synthesized it with our implementation timeline. This resulted in a new timeline that includes the original implementation schedule along with when and how data will be collected for our specific action plan and ones to follow.

This development has helped us understand the importance of narrowing focus when collecting and analyzing data, and it has also helped us understand that implementing ePortfolios at OJRHS can be more than just that. We have an opportunity to add to the limited research on ePortfolio use. We will be positively affecting our students’ lives by incorporating this tool, and we could also help to improve the educations of other students by documenting our findings. We are excited for this next step and look forward to what lies ahead for our innovation plan and research!



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