Digital Leading and Learning

Lifelong Learning

All of these resources we have been sifting through have changed some of my beliefs about learning and confirmed others. This week once again confirmed my belief in the importance of self-paced and self-directed learning. For anyone to be successful, whether that means students in the classroom or teachers in PL sessions, they have to want to learn and these two things encourage that love.

I have always wanted to create videos to use in a flipped classroom, but I just haven’t ever had the time to really implement it. The reasons I want to do it were discussed in the Rutgers University video; it allows for self-paced learning and reinforcement at the convenience of the learner. What I didn’t realize was how much more efficient it is compared to traditional lessons. Keeping that lesson time focused and effective provides more opportunity for students to then practice, apply, and collaborate.

Our video on professional learning from last week follows this flipped professional development model which in turn gives that collaboration time to teachers. It would be awesome to include some sort of video deliverable after they watch our video that shows how they can apply the strategies themselves. One collaborative portion that I love but struggle with is the walk and talk. I know that walking and moving around is important because it activates the brain, but I’m just not sure where students can go. During PL sessions there are lots of options, but during school those options are limited. In previous years teachers have gotten in trouble for disrupting other classes by encouraging students to move throughout the building. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to regularly incorporate this in the classroom too. All of these adjustments need to be modeled so teachers can see how to do them and how effective they are, but teachers also need TIME. Time is the key to implementing any changes.

Another thing I have always agreed with but just haven’t seemed to have the time to implement is increasing play. This goes for my students and my fellow teachers. What always seems to prohibit this is time. Whether it’s the time to plan fun, playful activities, or the time to include them in lessons or sessions, there is never enough time. However, something else that would also help us become more childlike in our learning is trusting our experts. I haven’t really thought about it before watching Peter Gray’s video. If people feel as though they are being evaluated or judged, they are less likely to take chances and learn. I am lucky that I trust my administration, but I have been in an environment where I don’t.

It is essential that our students and teachers become self-directed learners. Taking control and pride in our own educations, no matter what the level of the student, is the only way for us to become and continue being lifelong learners, and I believe that is the key to success in our continuously changing world.


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