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Over the past couple weeks, I have learned about everything that needs to change in professional learning. I am lucky because our administration provides us with the freedom to present to the faculty in any way we wish, but this isn’t just about me and how I choose to run my own PL. We need to find a way to adjust all PL so they include the 5 principles of effective PL. To do this Ryan King, Erin Sanchez, and I created a Prezi that introduces these concepts to our staff.

We chose to have teachers view this presentation in their department meetings so there is more opportunity for discussion and to show the importance of making sure PL is relevant to each individual teacher and the content they teach. Before they view the Prezi at their meetings, we will meet with the department heads to make sure they feel comfortable with it. One of us will also be present at each department meeting in case there are any specific questions. This is possible because our departments meet at different times. When we meet with the department heads, we will determine who will be present at which meetings. We will also ask our administrators, including our Superintendent, to attend at least one of the meetings so they too can be made aware of the necessary shift.

In order for us to improve our own classrooms year after year, we have to adjust our professional learning. The changes we highlight in our Prezi will help remove the common feelings of frustration associated with PL and allow our teachers to finally implement the initiatives they never had the time or support to include in the past.



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