I <3 4DX

This is one of my favorite topics so far because I struggle with this in both my personal and professional life. Every year I try to learn how to cook. I make a plan to cook meals on certain days, but it never seems to work out! I am backed up on grading or grad work. I’m stuck on the phone with ___fill in company that puts us on hold for hours_____so I don’t get to it. There is always something in the whirlwind that limits my ability to execute my plan. The same is true at school and with our ePortfolio implementation. We (Ryan, Erin, and I) are stuck in our own whirlwinds and so are the other teachers and administrators who are integral parts to our plan. If we can’t find a way to make this change fit into our daily lives, it will not succeed.

Franklin Covey’s (2012) video was extremely helpful in not only describing 4DX, but also making me feel like our plan really can be broken down into manageable steps. That is the purpose of this model: to make goals more attainable by taking into account the whirlwind. If we can break down our ideas into 1 or 2 major goals (LAG) and also create smaller goals that we can directly control (LEAD), then we are setting ourselves up for success. Even after determining these goals, it is also important to stay focused on what can be controlled. People like to look at the bigger goals being measured, but the reality is that doing that can be overwhelming and cause people to quit. Looking at the lead goals encourages people to keep moving forward instead.

I was really excited about the idea of creating a scoreboard. With the new tests students have to take in Pennsylvania (Keystones), it is really frustrating how difficult it is for teachers and students to view student progress. There are a multitude of programs we use to compile data, but the data is just too overwhelming. I wish our administrators would incorporate a compelling scoreboard for this that was simple, visible, included all goals on which we are currently focusing, and told us how we are doing. It would be great to boost teamwork. For this reason, 4DX can help us improve overall morale and attitudes about learning ePortfolio use because everyone will know and control whether or not we are “winning.”

When the idea of a meeting was first mentioned, I felt a bit of a shiver go down my spine thinking about meetings in the past that seem to be trumped by the whirlwind. It was nice to hear immediately that that is one of the most important rules: do not discuss the whirlwind. Creating focused questions helps keep the meeting on task and to the point. I love this idea and hope that this is something we have the strength to do at our school.

I love all of these ideas. Chunking, measuring, scoreboards, and accountability sound like a real plan I can use for ePortfolio implementation, curriculum adjustments, staying healthy, and cooking more. I just hope using the 4DX model doesn’t get caught in the whirlwind it is meant to tackle!


Covey, F. (2012). Executive overview of the 4 disciplines of execution [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZR2Ixm0QQE&feature=youtu.be


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