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Tell them one more time

Almost every single day I wonder if I am repeating myself to my students. Didn’t I already explain this to my 6th period today, or was it just my 1st period? Why can’t they remember how to correctly do an MLA header when I’ve explained it 5 times today? After I almost reach the point of frustration, I remember that they have a lot going on too and are hearing instructions and lessons from 4-6 other teachers throughout their days. While I might feel as though I am repeating myself and over communicating, it could be that I am actually under communicating. This is also a potential issue when it comes to initiating change.

I am consistently surrounded and overwhelmed by my plan for change, the implementation of an ePortfolio course. Because of this, it feels as though simply mentioning the idea once to someone else is badgering them with the concept when in reality, they haven’t heard it enough. It is important to push past these moments and continue with communication because that is the only way others will fully understand the change I want to make, how I want to make it, and why it is important. The best way to go about reaching my audience is by using multiple methods. John Kotter suggests using many different technologies, but I believe “old-school” methods should be included too. By uploading videos on my own ePortfolio, posting on Twitter, hanging signs in school, distributing flyers to teachers, scheduling announcements in the morning, and sending emails, I may feel as though I am overwhelming my audience. I might think I am pushing too hard. However, in reality, I am doing exactly what I need to do to make sure everyone is aware and ready to actively participate in the change.


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