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Initiating Change Step One-Plan the Proposal


Change, whether on a personal or company level, is something that many people fear and resist. Over the past 5 weeks, Ryan King, Erin Sanchez, and I have worked to develop our own disruptive innovation that we intend to initiate at Owen J. Roberts High School over the next couple years. Our work anticipates the hesitation we will most likely meet, and while we are well aware it is far from completed, we have a strong starting point for an effective and successful initiative for change.

The foundation of our proposal started with a flawed system. Currently, our high school students are required to write 10-12 essays per school year that are then kept in writing portfolios. These are stored in the English classrooms until students graduate, when they are then given back and, according to our students, recycled or burned. We believe, in place of these portfolios, students should utilize learning ePortfolios throughout their high school careers. There is significant research suggesting this disruptive innovation will more effectively serve our students, provide them with creative freedom, and better prepare them for their futures.

To assist with our argument, we created the above promotional video during which students reflect on the current system and provide their opinions regarding the use of WordPress to create learning ePortfolios in their place. We then developed an outline for implementation. As we have learned from the many resources we have already viewed, there is a necessary balance of urgency and patience needed when initiating change. We have also taken into consideration the many ways we can communicate our ideas to the students, teachers, and administration.

Looking back now, it is hard to believe we developed all of this in 5 short weeks! As we continue to adjust our ideas and the methods in which we share them, we are also searching for more resources to support this change. As with every aspect of life, both individually and corporately, there is always room for improvement. We will continue to learn and make changes to our learning ePortfolio initiative while the planning is still in progress and when it is finally up and running, because change is a necessary and powerful concept no matter how scary it may seem.


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