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EPortfolio Promotional Video

Our idea, for students to take a course where they create learning ePortfolios, comes from our own experience creating ePortfolios and our experience with the English writing portfolio system at Owen J Roberts High School. Every year, English teachers assign writing pieces and then file them away in each student’s individual writing folder. We do nothing with these writing pieces but store them until the students receive them at the end of their senior year of high school, and at that point most students recycle them. There is a lot of research, not to mention our personal experience, about the benefits of ePortfolios for learning. Originally, our idea started out as making the English writing portfolio system electronic so students could store their writing assignments online instead of in physical folders. However, that process evolved into more than just a storage system for writing portfolios, and it transformed into an entire course where students create their own content, reflect on their learning from all of their classes – not just English – and customize their ePortfolio based on their personal interests.

For our promotional video, we decided it would be best to interview students and get their feedback about the current English writing portfolio system. Recently, a similar video was shared with our students, and it was very informative and provided a unique perspective, which is where this idea originated. We decided it was best to interview seniors, since these are students who have had the most experience with English writing portfolios. We also explained to several seniors what ePortfolios are. After we allowed them to explore our own ePortfolios on WordPress, we interviewed them for their feedback. We used iPhones to record the videos and the audio. Then we were able to organize the audio, video, and pictures using iMovie. The process of moving the videos and audio from the iPhones to iMovie on a Macbook was time consuming, but the actual organization of the different parts in iMovie was very user friendly.

We hope that this video will effectively help us reach our goal of learning ePortfolio implementation at Owen J. Roberts High School.



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