Sharing is Caring

When I first began my education courses at Millersville University as an undergrad, it was immediately emphasized that sharing is one of the most important things teachers can do with one another. The lessons and assignments we create are not for us but are meant to help our students learn and grow. This is why it is so important to share what works, what doesn’t work, and what has yet to be tried. Eportfolios are no different in that sharing these successes and failures will only help each of us grow.

So far I am still a bit overwhelmed, but with the help of my classmates, colleagues, professors, and other eportfolio users, I am beginning to see the light. I have been working very closely with two colleagues, friends, and classmates specifically: Ryan and Erin. Without the two of them, I would still probably be sitting at my desk at school with a confused and frustrated expression staring at my blank eportfolio. We have taught each other how to navigate WordPress and Weebly and use their functions to best serve our purposes.

I have also learned a ton from other examples, be it other classmates in my cohort or specific sites shared by our professors. They are all perfect in their own ways and I have been able to use their formatting and blogging ideas to help improve my own posts. I realized recently the benefits of having multiple links to the same locations. For example, on this eportfolio: https://rebeccalynntaylor.wordpress.com/, the author has three different, active links for each one of her menu options. At first, this seemed like a bit much, but it made navigating her site that much simpler. I am continuing to search for ways to improve this on my own site.

I have also seen some really cool widgets added to certain sites that I would like to use. I am still trying to find a way to put active links in the sidebar of my site, but every time I do it they are simply listed and not active. I noticed many people have the books they are currently reading or videos of the week. I love this idea! Adding short clips like this is a simple but effective change as they can be powerful for viewers.

The more I view others’ eportfolios the more excited I am to have one of my own. I truly am proud of what I have accomplished so far and look forward to continuing to share the goods and the bads on this journey.


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