My Eportfolio Struggle- Audience or Purpose?

While I always seem to have a lot to say (at least that’s what my friends and husband tell me!), I am not one to post these thoughts online. I have been a member of social media since Facebook exploded back in my early college years. I post here and there, but for the most part I use these platforms to keep up to date with friends and family. When I was asked to create an eportfolio for my graduate class a small part of me shuddered inside. Who will want to read what I have to say? How can I really make this a useful tool that I continue with after my degree is completed? When thinking about these questions, I think I have decided that it might not be as important as I first believed. For me to truly use this platform well I need to focus on a purpose over an audience.

I still don’t know what my purpose is either, but I believe I am closer to finding answers. I want to reach students, parents, and teachers. I want to share ideas and create a community or reference where people can go to find interesting and reliable information. I have no idea how I want to do these things, but hopefully by the end of this program I will. If nothing else, I know I will at least have something to show for what I learn through completing the work in these courses. That alone is worth the risk of speaking up in the least comfortable way I know!


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