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Using Socrative in the Classroom

Every year I try to incorporate several new digital tools into my own lessons. One that I have used recently is Socrative. This website allows me to view student responses in real time, which helps me give timely feedback. It also organizes answers and easily transitions data into charts. This is especially useful because I can then return to these results either by myself, with colleagues, or with students to discuss common errors and consistent successes.This was a great tool that I plan to use during many different units and in multiple courses. I hope it is useful for you as well!

UnitLord of the Flies

Timeline– One class period (response discussion will be the next day)

Standards– PA Common Core Standards

  • N.1.1.4 Explain how an author’s use of key words or phrases in text informs and influences the reader.
  • N.1.2.4 Draw conclusions about connotations of words.
  • N.1.3.3 Analyze the interrelationships of ideas and events in a text to determine how one idea or event may interact and influence another.
  • N.2.5.6 Explain, interpret, describe, and/or analyze the author’s defense of a claim to make a point or construct an argument in nonfictional text.
  • N.2.2.3 Explain, interpret, compare, describe, analyze, and/or evaluate connections between texts.

Objectives– Students will be able to read and analyze the nonfiction article. They will also be able to connect this article to our fictional text, The Lord of the Flies.



Anticipatory– Upon entering the classroom students will be given a slip of paper. On this paper is a number that matches one of the laptops placed around the room which puts them into groups of 3 or 4 students. They are to sit with the correlating laptop and instructions on the board ask them to get out their Lord of the Flies books. Also on the board is the following prompt relating to their prior knowledge:

We have just finished chapters 1-5 of Lord of the Flies. In your groups you have 5            minutes to discuss these chapters. Be ready to provide important details and general    summaries based on what we have talked about as a class so far.

Once students have time to discuss this, we will discuss chapters 1-5 together again as a class and focus on the myths that are developing on the island.

Activity– One student per group will then be asked to log on to D2L where they will find the following handout for today’s activity:

Students have the rest of the period to read the article and complete the formative assessment on Socrative. Tomorrow’s class will begin with everyone looking through each group’s results anonymously with a focus on questions that were commonly missed.

Closure– At the end of the period, students will be asked to individually complete the exit ticket on Socrative asking them what they learned during class today and what they are still unsure about. They may use their phones or the laptops to complete this exit ticket.

I chose to use Socrative for this formative assessment because it provides immediate feelback. This allows me to monitor their responses and jump in whenever necessary with mini-lessons and corrections. I can do this as a class if most groups are struggling or with individual groups. These teachable moments are often lost when requiring paper and pencil formative assessments because I am not able to read through them as quickly as I am with this tool. It also allows me to quickly focus the next day’s lesson on areas of concern.

I used this digital tool with my class in March, 2016 when we began this unit. It worked really well and I look forward to using Socrative for other assignments in my classroom. Below are some samples from class.

Sample Article Questions:

Sample Exit Ticket:


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