The Many Faces of the ePortfolio

Before taking graduate courses, I didn’t really understand what an ePortfolio is. I thought it was just the new way that some organizations were accepting applicant information. Little did I realize that ePortfolios can be used for whatever purpose its creator needs. For learning, specifically in my own English classroom, these could replace writing portfolios. Right now, English teachers are required to collect printed student writing pieces in a folder. These folders are then passed from teacher to teacher until those students graduate, at which time they are distributed. They are extremely inconvenient to keep track of but are useful for students throughout and after their high school careers. Replacing these with ePortfolios would increase the likelihood of reflecting on them in the future.

Another way these could be used for learning, or really for any purpose, is to compile resources and communicate. I wish I had created an ePortfolio when I first began my schooling for teaching. I would then have a growing reserve of helpful links, articles, and ideas. One could be created for school, wedding planning, or family updates. They really can apply to every person’s life and help with organization and sharing. While the one video from this week’s content states that “creating an ePortfolio is a professional and educational opportunity,” (Stuart, 2013) I also believe it is a personal opportunity. I am excited to finally have and academic one of my own thanks to this course and look forward to making a personal one as well.



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