Digital Leading and Learning

Technology Resources and Future Goals

I refer to many different sources when it comes to integrating technology. First, and most recently, I refer to what I learn in grad classes. Before this program, I was able to practice using many resources from my previous masters program. Now, just after this one class, I have already begun implementing new forms of technology into my classes. Because we are able to discuss the effectiveness of certain resources and practice using them, it makes me feel more confident about their integration.

I also discuss new educational technologies with OJR’s technology department, my colleagues, and my students. Each of these resources adds a different perspective which helps me determine what should or shouldn’t be considered. The technology department often advises me on what programs are available or easily applied with our network, my colleagues share with me what works and isn’t unrealistically time consuming, and students are always honest about what works best for them. Taking all opinions into account has served me well so far.

I have many professional goals beyond the English curriculum. First, I would like to help and encourage other teachers to implement technology in their classes. It would not only improve my relationships with those teachers, but it would help with consistency and preparation for the students. I would also like to find ways to use the curriculum in place to teach students to be educated consumers and appreciative learners. We discussed this idea during this week’s class, and I really do think it is extremely important. I hope to encourage students to continue learning for the rest of their lives, because that quality is invaluable both professionally and personally. This seems like such a vague and immeasurable goal, but it truly is what I want most for my students. If they love and appreciate learning, the other skills will follow.


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